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I am Omar Rachdan Belda and my team and myself are delighted to welcome you to our website. We are here for whatever you need, our goal is to make things easier for our patients and for this reason do not hesitate to tell us any suggestions or comments that you have, in order for us to improve your next visit. We will always be happy to try to create new and better ways of doing things.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope to greet you personally at Hostafrancs Medical Center!

Omar Rachdan Belda,
Manager Hostafrancs Medical Center


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Address: C / Béjar 63-65. 08014 Barcelona
By phone: + 93 431 39 32
Via email: info@centromedicohostafrancs.com

A team focused on your well-being and health

Meet our wonderful team. We are very happy to have such a dedicated and talented staff at Hostafrancs Medical Center.

Reception & administration

  • Reception and administration
  • Reception and administration
  • Reception and administration

Medical team

  • Digestive Medicine
  • Echography & Ultrasound (Sonography)
  • Physiotherapy & functional rehabilitation
fisioterapeuta centro médico hostafrancs barcelona
  • Physiotherapy & functional rehabilitation
  • Gynecology & Obstetric (gynaecology)
  • Family medicine
  • Family medicine
Dr. Xavi Olivé Farre medicina de familia centro médico hostafrancs barcelona
  • Family medicine
Ignacio Viza
  • Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) - Otolaryngology
  • Pediatrics & Kids health
  • Radiography - X-rays