Healthy and sustainable life

Our goal is to make the people who visit us and ourselves live in a healthier and more sustainable way. Living in a healthy way is very simple and now we explain why.

Living in a healthy way is not difficult

How can you live in a healthy and sustainable way? We think that a healthy life includes considering the little things of the day to day life and making intelligent choices that are good for our body and for the planet. Some examples: Walking or taking the bicycle instead of the car, for daily commuting. Go walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Read more and watch less television, disconnect from technology to connect with reality and practice “mindfulness”. Work in spaces that are comfortable, beautiful and pleasant for the body and the senses. It also consists in stopping to contemplate environments and green spaces, in short, even small changes can make a big difference.

Finally, we cannot forget the importance of laughing, preferably a lot, because it gives us great psychological, physical, social and emotional benefits, in short, it helps us to be healthier.

Initiatives in favor of the planet

Among our initiatives in favor of the environment we can highlight the following:

  • Energy savings: We have LED lights in all our facilities, the best option for the environment.
  • Water savings: Less than 3% of our planet’s water is fresh water, so that together we can contribute to the careful consumption of this precious resource that we share. We try to use the strictly necessary.
  • Waste and recycling: We recycle all the paper used and we also try to reduce the use of plastics (when possible we reduce their use in favor of other more sustainable materials) and recycle the plastics that can be recycled.